Australia’s first Certified carbon neutral aquaculture products


Healthy oceans mean healthy seafood

Sustainably grown in the pristine waters off Albany, in WA’s spectacular Great Southern region. Leeuwin Coast believes in working sustainably to support our ocean ecosystems. We’re continually exploring ways to improve so that the taste of produce from clean and clean Western Australian waters can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Our efforts have paid off. Our Akoya has been recognised with the ‘Outstanding Innovation’ trophy in the delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards for 2022. We are proud to work together to grow and bring to market the delicious and sustainable Akoya and it is a privilege to be among an incredible group of world-class producers.

“Congratulations to the Leeuwin Coast team on this truly well-deserved award! I have been lucky enough to visit Albany and experience the farm firsthand and believe the farming practices and sustainability is second to none. As a chef I am incredibly excited about this new shellfish product in the culinary world. The way it lends itself to so many cuisines and applications are endless and I can’t wait to see it take off in Australia and globally.”

– Chef Matt Stone

CJOT 169

Our local team is committed to the wellbeing of WA oceans

Sustainably grown and harvested in the warm flowing currents off the West Australian coast

Inspired by the swift-flowing Leeuwin Current, Leeuwin Coast is uniquely West Australian. From our delicate Akoya to our fresh Rock Oysters, the taste is unparalleled – as clean and pure as the pristine waters in which they are grown.

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